Hey Customer, Thanks For Brightening My Day!

SunThe call queue was high today as we have a few representatives out.

So, I hopped on overflow calls to help bring the wait time for our customers down.

One busy customer I spoke with was quite clueless about how to get their phone system up and running.

I gave them the insight on exactly how to make it happen…but also offered to do the whole set up for them, to save them time. I said something along the lines of, “Call me weird, but I’d love to take this off your plate and put it on mine. This kind of stuff I enjoy doing!

They didn’t call me weird.

In fact, when they emailed me with their scripts and call set up, they began the message by saying, “As requested, here’s our information–to make your day brighter!

I laughed. Smiled. And, got to work.

Situations like this remind me what I’m set out to do:

My job is to make the customer’s experience AWESOME. 

Every customer service representative out there has the opportunity to do this, every day, in every industry.

While this doesn’t make my day any easier load wise, it does allow me to be creative and have some fun–all while helping a friendly customer out. With me taking on this gig, I’m helping them get their business up and running faster.

So, let this be a short and sweet reminder of what YOUR job is in customer service–and to see every opportunity to help as exactly that:

An Opportunity!



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