How To Draft A Catchy Customer Email

Sailing the customer service sea with a fishing hook in hand but are not sure what to do? You came to the right place! With a little formula I like to call, “Hook, Line and Sinker”, you can connect with your customer, prove you’re taking ownership to the issue (make sure to REALLY own it, folks) and provide resolutions all in one message. Here’s how:


You read the customer service email now it’s time to reply. How to begin? Kick the message off with a hook! Here’s how:

  • THANK them for reaching out to you
  • Make a comment about something personal in the email to encourage a connection immediately
  • If the email is regarding a frustrating issue, apologize about their situation

Example: Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy day to share your experience. I’m truly sorry for the frustration you have had with our service. I know that waiting in line at the DMV for hours only to have to leave and return with new paperwork is NOT anyone’s idea of a good time. While I can’t take back this time, I will work with you to resolve the issue.


This is the juicy part–what are they writing about? What can YOU DO to fix it? You take ownership of this situation now it’s your time to communicate your action steps. Here’s how:

  • State their issue clearly in your reply to ensure that you understand it 100%
  • Provide your proposed resolution
  • Provide any numbers, such as time frames, costs, refund date, etc.

Example: I understand that you did not receive your vehicle registration that you paid for with the expedited shipping and for this, we take full responsibility. What I have done is order a new registration, at no cost to you, and set it up to ship via overnight shipping to your home. I also did refund your original charge of $154.92 to your credit card. Please allow 3-5 business days for the credit to appear on your bank statement. This year’s registration is on the house due to what you experienced with us. 


The ending to this message is what will leave a lasting impression with your customer. Here’s how to wrap it up:

  • Offer another genuine apology or show your gratitude
  • Ensure they understand how important they are to your business
  • If you’ll be following up with them, make sure they have your contact information and a time frame in which to receive a reply
  • Optional: IF the email is about something happy, and your company allows it, throw a 🙂 in! (Note: The use of a happy face is definitely a generational thing so be sure to check with your management team first).

Example: We cannot express how sorry we are about this situation but please note that we take situations like this very seriously. The fact that you took the time to write us and share your experience gives us an opportunity to improve for the future. I will be following up with you by the end of the business day today with a status update. Should you need to reach out to me sooner, you can do so via email by replying to this message or by calling (858) 867-5309.


So, next time you find yourself fishing on the customer service sea

Remember the “Hook, Line and Sinker” formula to make your customers HAPPY!




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