The AvoCAREdo Show Episode #2 Featuring Caylin White

When it comes to remote work, many of us picture the ease of lounging on our couches in our PJs while plugging away on our laptop.

But if we’re not mindful, this way of life can cause our overall well-being to fall off track.

Meet Caylin White, Sales, Marketing, and Account Representative in Atlanta, Georgia for VIPdesk Connect. She’s sharing her self-care wins & struggles while working remote in this episode of AvoCAREdo.

More about Caylin White

Account Representative, Influencer outreach specialist, energy enthusiast, sales girl, avid artist, life lover, public relations guru, marketing genius, recruiting angel, organic life-seeker, sandwich connoisseur, organizer of chaos, amateur life coach, semi-professional gamer, smile generator, sunshine sucker, and lover of all things creative. Inbound Marketing Certified, HubSpot.


BFA, Eastern Michigan University


What is AvoCAREdo?

In order to take the best care of others, you must first take the best care of yourself. AvoCAREdo combines your host Jenny Dempsey’s love for avocados with her lighthearted personality to deliver a realistic dose of self-care wisdom to motivate YOU while you’re flippin’ busy at work. Because when it comes down to it, supporting support teams and customers starts with YOU. Duh!

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Jenny Dempsey is the Consumer Experience Manager for and Apeel Sciences. With 16 years of building and leading customer service & experience teams, she is also the co-founder of a customer service blog, Jenny has been recognized over the years for her work, including the The ICMI Top 25 Thought Leaders of 2021and accepting the 2019/2020 CloudCherry CX Influencer Champion award. She has a Udemy Professor with her course, "Your Customer Service Toolbox: Best Practices for Beginners" and does customer service coaching on the side. Jenny loves being an auntie to her beautiful niece, travelling the world, singing and hanging out with her toothless rescue cats. She lives in sunny San Diego, CA.

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