How To Thrive Spiritually In Customer Service

Willy WonkaIt’s no secret, ladies and gentlemen, customer service is not an easy gig. I don’t care what capacity of the service industry you work in, the fact remains that day in and day out, you are giving energy to others all day long. Energy to help solve problems, to find creative solutions, to think and be proactive on your feet and in your mind. It’s a capacity that really requires the full activation of all the human senses. You have to be aware of your surroundings, aware of the present, and understanding of the future.

From a completely esoteric point of view, I believe we are all made out of energy. It’s a simple give and exchange process, certain things you do give you energy, and some things you do like customer service can suck out that energy. As an introvert at heart, I feel absolutely drained when I get home at the end of the day, like someone sucked all of the life out of me and I just need time to sit by myself, unwind, and rejuvenate. I know that I can handle this situation better, I could have taken the time to prepare myself at work, to unfold myself steadily throughout the day so that by the time 330pm hits, I’m not ready for a nap on the couch instead of having the energy for a run. This has led me to begin brainstorming of ways to remain spiritually energized not only during work, but after as well.

  • Keep things in perspective: No, I’m sorry, on the 8th Day God did not create VoIP phone service. No matter how important it may seem to a client or your employer, realize that at the end of the day, you are you, and you have a personal balance to maintain. If you find yourself falling out of balance, step away for a few minutes, recollect yourself, and then dive back in.
  • Walk Often: Stand up from that cubicle, take a spin around the block, a dash up a flight of stairs! Move, do something, get that energy flowing. When stasis starts to settle in, you know your body has lost some energy. Stand up, wave your hands, get it all flowing. Apathy of body leads to apathy of mind and spirit.
  • Meditate: Morning, evening, it doesn’t matter, maybe even the middle of your lunchMeditating corporate employee on table with arguing employees shift. Just sit quiet, let the breath flow smoothly and naturally, and ease into an observational rhythm. Feel that breath pour in and out, and watch those thoughts stream by like an endless movie. Slow it all down.
  • Listen to Music: If your boss was awesome enough to purchase you some headsets to take calls on, get some use out of those things during downtime! Turn on some enlightening music that gets you flowing! Take a moment to sit down and just listen, to get transported to another world for a few minutes. Might I recommend this little gem for starters?

At the end of the day, it’s important to realize that tomorrow, your company will still carry on. Do what you can to be a part of that wonderful process by first creating a profitable balance with yourself. Realize your desires, maintain an equilibrium, and do what you need to do to shine not only at work, but at home as well. At home where possibly the most important things in life reside, like your family, your dog, your garden, whatever it may be. We give so much of ourselves at work, that sometimes we forget that perhaps it should be the other way around, giving more in one’s personal life at the heart of home.

What’s your gem of spiritual wisdom to keep balanced throughout the day as a customer service star?


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