Jenny Dempsey to Talk Workplace Wellness at ICMI CCExpo

Did you catch the announcement? If not, look up!

I’m speaking at ICMI Contact Center Expo in two weeks and I can’t freakin’ wait!

I’m also anxious. Very anxious.

I’m going to get vulnerable up there in front of you. I encourage you to be vulnerable.

Brene Brown says, “There is no courage without vulnerability.”

So, let’s be courageous and vulnerable together, shall we?

I sometimes look in the mirror and the story I tell myself is:

Who am I to stand up in front of this audience of experts and talk about wellness in customer service workplaces?

I’m a certified health coach. I’ve been working in customer service since 2005. I know my ish. Dang that imposter syndrome!

I’ve had health issues. Mental health issues. I’m not a size 2. If I feel like it, I eat French fries. I’m not your standard societal picture of “wellness”.

And, that’s the whole point!

The word “wellness” gets a lot of crap though. It’s now a trendy hashtag, associated with green juice, kale salads, perfect bodies and romanticized quiet escapes to mediate in peace.

I want to share that wellness at work is more than just healthy snacks in the breakroom.

My own experience taught me that while those things are mighty tasty and nourishing, your wellbeing contains a variety of different elements.

From relationships to your living space, from your social life to work life, from how you move your body with exercise and the way you experience joy, to the way you give yourself permission to feel your feelings…it all plays a role into your overall wellbeing.

And yes, that well being applies even when you’re at work.

Bring your whole human to work. That’s what this ICMI session is about.

And in order to encourage your team and improve the employee experience as a whole, you must start with encouraging yourself.

Talk the talk & walk the walk.

During my ICMI Contact Center Expo session, you’ll be doing some deep diving into the one and only YOU.

Are you ready?

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PS: Thank you to the fabulous Becky Roemen from CXAccelerator for creating this speaking announcement!

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