Integrity Service Book Club Discussion 3

imageWe made it to the final week! Yippieeeee!

We are at week 3 of reading Integrity Service by Ron Willingham for the first Communicate Better Blog Book Club.

It is my hope that those who may not have finished reading the book at this point, continue to read and return to the discussion questions at a later time. We’re all busy folks but taking the time to read and expand our minds is priceless.

Here’s an overview of what we’ve covered so far:

Discussion 1: 4/17

  • Pursue Integrity
  • Greet Customers
  • Identify Purpose
  • Value Customers


Discussion 2: 4/24

  • Solve Problems
  • Ask How to Help Customers
  • Assume Responsibility
  • Listen to Customers


Discussion 3: 5/1

  • Practice Teamwork
  • Help Customers
  • Set Goals
  • Invite Customers Back

Here are the discussion questions based on the last four chapters. Please leave your thoughts/comments/questions in the “Comments” on this post.

Discussion Question 1: What attitudes and behaviors does it take to create new positive energy within teams? How do you structure a lasting, positive team that works together successfully? How do you make sure everyone knows they are appreciated?

Discussion Question 2: How are last impressions as important as first impressions for your ongoing success with customers? Have you ever considered writing an “exit statement” to help give you focus on your interactions with customers?

Discussion Question 3: Overall, what did you take away from this book? Are there any nuggets of information that you will carry with you? Did you like the book? Do you have any suggestions for our next book club selection?

Please your comments, questions and answers in the comments on this post.

Thanks SO much for joining us! It’s an honor to interact and communicate everything customer service with YOU! If we can run this book club better in the future, I’d love to hear your insight.

Also–we’re looking for some readers to discuss this book with us on a future Coffee and Customer Service Google Hangout–let us know if you’d like to participate!


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One comment

  • Jeremy Watkin

    1. I really liked the story from p187 about the Ritz Carlton cleaning staff that said let’s work in pairs and then we don’t need floor supervisors. They found that productivity and employee engagement improved significantly. I really do think that there is something amazing about teamwork and feel challenged to find the key to really unlock it’s power.

    2. Chapter 11 is a very rich chapter in talking about inviting customers back. Anyone who owns a business should read it. I love the story about the guy with the cigar shop that has a “I don’t make change” sign in his window so people needing change for parking meters wouldn’t bug him. He’s turning away business before it even walks in the door. We are in the business of finding ways to do business with people and build loyalty and yet there are so many things we do to impair that. I really like how Ron reframes some of our thinking here.

    3. I thought it was a great book and Ron Willingham brings his own unique spin to the vast world of customer service. I probably need to memorize the G Valhi system (Greet, Value, Ask, Listen, Help, Invite). I think that’s a fantastic formula for anyone with customers.

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