It all starts with a smile

When I tell people I work in customer service for a phone company, most people have one of the following replies:

“Wow, I would NOT want your job!”

“You probably deal with some real angry people. How do you not want to jump off a cliff at the end of the day?”

“Oh, you’re one of those people that just answers the phone? You must be so bored all the time!”

And for each comment they make, I have a reply:

“Yes, you would want my job! Not only do I have an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, but the company I work for is pretty awesome!”

“I deal with angry people but my job is to make them happy and I usually always do! Plus, I typically leave the office smiling (no cliff jumps necessary).”

“Dealing with so many different people on a regular basis does not leave any room for boredom. In fact, it’s quite the opposite!”

While yeah, some days are difficult, these are the best opportunities to learn and make sure that they don’t happen again.

Customer service is such a powerful position to be in—everyone one of us, every single day, has the chance to make someone smile. Providing great customer service benefits everyone–the customer, the employee and the company.

A Break Down of Great Customer Service

1. Great customer service happens!

2. The customer smiles a big, honest grin.

3. This customer tells their friends about their experience. They may tell them in person, on Facebook, Twitter or another internet platform. Either way, word gets out.

4. This customer also shares their experience with the employee’s boss, making the worker very happy for being acknowledged. Maybe they get a raise or bonus!

5. The overall thought of this company sits well in the many people’s minds that heard the story. People will drive an extra 5 minutes to go to this location. They will wait on hold a few minutes more just to talk to this company. They will pay more for this brand. Why? Because it’s WORTH IT.

And, it all started with a smile.

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