Jenny’s New View In Customer Service


View from the new office. Not too shabby, right?

Hello to my awesome customer service community! It sure has been a while.

Let’s just say I have taken a hiatus from writing on our blog. I wasn’t going to share why exactly this is but my mind was changed recently.

Perhaps this can help some other customer service explorer out there in the world.

Where In The World Has Jenny San Diego Been?

  1. I made a big decision to leave my fantastic team and dive headfirst into the waves with DMV.ORG, who needed a special someone to hand craft their visitor support.
  2. Leaving a job after a decade isn’t an easy thing to do. I spent the last 3 weeks documenting, knowledge sharing, laughing and crying with the team. I am grateful for every drop of wisdom gained from the folks!
  3. Starting a new job isn’t an easy thing to do. From meetings (on the beach), knowledge transfer (over iced coffee from a cafe nearby) and collaboration with the new team (after a Nerf gun war), it’s thrilling, horrifying and exciting. I was welcomed in to the DMV.ORG team with friendly, open arms and am truly grateful.

It’s been a little over a month since I started settling in and am learning something new every day.

DMV.ORG works to simplify the DMV (yes, it’s possible). They take information from DMV sites nationwide and organize it into one place. The questions that arise are not always from “customers” but rather “visitors” to the website, requesting help about their particular DMV related situation. Learning to understand what the visitors need is quite an adventure. Working with this team of incredibly intelligent people, we’re fine tuning the visitor experience to truly WOW people with a normally not so wow of a situation. Who likes going to the DMV, raise your hands?

[insert crickets here]

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be posting examples of situations I encounter, more than likely, asking for YOUR advice.

On that note, drive safe, my friends!



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  • Yay….she’s baaaaaaaaack! Way too long and I am super excited to hear all about customer service and visitor experiences. I have always looked at visiting any DMV as a wonderful opportunity for lessons learned (that’s putting it nicely isn’t it). I am sure if there is someone who can do the job, it’s totally YOU! Welcome home Jenny, I am looking forward to hearing many great things from you. xoxox

    • You sure did put that nicely, Doug! 🙂 Thanks for the warm welcome back with the amazingly kind words. I look forward to sharing the journey with you! BTW: Your book is showcased on my desk for all to see and ask about riiiiggghhhtttt now 🙂

  • I’m glad you’re back, Jenny Sue. What Doug said. You’re going to do incredible work in your new role. I was always more of a fan than a boss 🙂

    • Gosh, thanks Jeremy. I kept reading your posts and it kept inspiring me bit by bit. Thanks for sharing what you’re up to and encouraging me to keep at it!

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