Just When You Thought You Were Perfect…You Strike #CX Gold

online-video-gold-rush-600x369It’s really easy in business to have an air about us that everything is hunky dory.  If no one is complaining, there must not be any problems, right?  Customers and staff must all be at 100% satisfaction.  I’ve been known to slip into that groove from time to time.  We must however, never give up on the quest for gold–customer experience gold that is.

Just today I had two separate customers complain after calling into our support line.  In our main menu greeting it clearly says “Press 0 or wait on the line and we’ll be right with you.”  The only problem is that if they just wait on the line, they hear a weird, computerized greeting that says “You have selected an invalid option.”  Gotta love a deceptive IVR greeting!

I set this up eight months ago and have not heard this complaint once until today.  And today I heard it twice.  What are the odds?

Are you ready for me flip this thing around and blow your mind?  When it comes to the customer experience, these little nuggets are pure gold.  Whether you’re prospecting (testing and searching) or waiting for these to fall into your lap (customer feedback), any opportunity to improve your customer experience is a really, really good thing.

In this gold rush known as business, keep listening to your customers and finding ways to improve.  Oh by the way, your customers love it when you listen to them!


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