Leadership With Lollipops

Leadership isn’t easy. It requires self sacrifice and extra time, which some of us are just not willing to give. For some of us though, leadership comes naturally and we react openly to making sure our coworkers and customers are taken care of, able to learn from us and grow as a person in their own ways. The impact of these acts may go unnoticed and that’s fine–we know we’re doing what is right and recognition isn’t always necessary.

I stumbled across Drew Dudley’s (@NuanceDrew) TED talk titled, “Leading With Lollipops” today. In his speech, he talks about the impact we may have on someone without even knowing or remembering at all. All it took for him was to give candy to a stranger and a life was changed forever.

Think about this for your coworkers or customers–the choices you make to help them today can change their lives.

I know that sounds cheesy but ponder for a moment about someone who unknowingly inspired you–what did they do for you? Have you ever shared this with them?

And, watch Drew’s speech live at TEDxToronto:


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