Learning to Fly: Post Webinar Review

Jenny Today, Jeremy and I debuted our first Communicate Better Blog webinar titled “Learning to Fly: How Twitter is taking our blog to new heights”.

Don’t worry if you missed it, you can take a listen by visiting:

Our goal with this webinar was to share what we’ve learned thus far with our blog and Twitter account. I truly think this was a great experience and cannot wait to do it again! Jeremy, what are your thoughts on the webinar? How do you think it went today?

Jeremy Hey Jenny, I think it went great.  On a personal level, I feel a ton of excitement and passion about this topic so it’s really easy to communicate it with others.  I think first and foremost, I love the thought that customer service is going on EVERYWHERE, all the time, whether it’s at work or in relationships or official customer service business.

This means, we don’t have to limit our blog to customer service professionals.  Our blog can be so broad and about the greater topic of serving others better.  Thinking in those terms, we have a real chance at making a difference in this world.  Returning back to earth, I’ll keep it simple and say, I like where we’re headed.

I would love to hear what your big takeaway(s) was.  I would also love to hear what you would change for next time.

Jenny I definitely second the excitement about this topic. Knowing that we have an opportunity to make an impact on others through service gives me such motivation and passion every single day, in and out of work. I really think that is my biggest take away from the webinar. Being able to speak from the heart about customer service experiences on various levels, admitting it’s a growing and learning process and still being able to help others at the same time is ridiculously inspiring. It’s exciting to know that we can always improve too—there is no limit on this whatsoever. We can always be better.

Next time, I would want to have a hashtag available for attendees to tweet about, referencing things from the webinar. Is there anything you would change for next time?

Also, I know we touched on this in the webinar, but going back to what you said about where we’re headed, what are some of the things that you foresee for CBB in the next few months?

Jeremy Great idea on the hashtag.  It is really fun to twitter during webinars and a great way to get the word out.  I think one thing I would like to improve is to be able to show people (ie. My Boss) quantitatively how the blog, webinars, Twitter and hangouts are actually improving our customer service.  We do after all work for a business with a bottom line and numbers are important.

As far as the future goes, I love that we can write about our process.  We’re not searching for stuff to write about.  We’re writing as we go through life so in a way I like the unknown of the future.  I do want to revisit the webinar again and talk about where we stand in another few months.  I love your idea of the “Coffee and Customer Service” hangout which is tomorrow by the way.  The last thing that really excites me is guest blogging and I really love having guest bloggers from within the company.  It shows that our coworkers are thinking about the same things we’re thinking about.  So that’s about it for me.  Is there anything else you’d like to see us do in the coming months with the blog?

 Jenny I’m a big fan of mapping progress through these blog posts. It’s awesome how we can write a post about a situation then go back and read it several months later to see how we’ve improved and what else we’ve learned as time went on. I agree with the guest blogging too–I am absolutely intrigued by these various perspectives as it helps open my mind significantly. Plus, like you said, it’s exciting to see others sharing our vision.

Alright, on that note, I’ll see you with a cup of coffee in hand tomorrow morning for “Coffee and Customer Service”!


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