Lessons From The Lunch Room

School Food - CheeseburgerWe now know that Lunch Breaks Are Not For Losers.

By taking just 30 minutes of refuel time, for lunch, away from your desk and computer, you are increasing productivity by at the very least, 10%.

Perhaps I don’t have a study to confirm the percentage and I’m just pulling that number out of a hat, but after my experience this week with taking a lunch break every day (okay, except for Wednesday), I can report back to you with the following results:

  • Increase in lunch enjoyment: I actually tasted my food and didn’t scarf it down like a starving dog, like I do when I eat at my desk. Plus, I had an opportunity to chat with other co-workers, which was a great social perk.
  • Increase in a positive mindset: I felt happier and more relaxed after taking this break and returning to work. Others at work also commented on my lunch break accomplishments. This feedback was great fuel to keep me going!
  • Increase in a clearer mind: My mind was able to stop thinking and recharge. When I returned to my desk, I felt ready to take on the next challenges, not dread them with an exhausted mind.
  • Increase in desk cleanliness: I returned to my crumb free desk with a smile. My keyboard also thanked me for no smudges of salad dressing on it’s keys.
  • Increase in overall energy: With the day broken into two chunks, I bounced into the next few hours of work with a newfound boost of energy and was able to tackle SO MUCH!
  • Increase in productivity: This is the one we really care about right? Because being more productive means more $$ for our company! With all this positivity, a clear mind and energy flowing through me, I found that I accomplished MORE–I was able to address problems and come up with solutions faster. I was able to reply to my emails and return phone calls with more oomph and zest, which makes for happier customers, which in turn, means they are more likely to stay with you, which means long term revenue. I also was able to check off more items on my to-do list AND leave work after a good 8-9 hours, instead of the usual 10+.

Wednesday snuck up on me and after moving a meeting from 11:30am to 12:30pm, I found myself eating lunch quickly while talking during the meeting. Sorry to my coworkers if I spit any food on you!

The Lunch Break Lesson: From experience, taking a lunch break is absolutely worth it. I will continue to work on taking my lunch breaks, as often as I can, and finding measurables to prove that this is one challenge worth taking. I hope you do too!


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  • We are all guilty of hurrying through our meals, eating at our desk, standing while eating and not focusing enough on US while enjoying a meal. Although my life is crazy busy just like everyone else’s, I have remained very dedicated to enjoying lunch NOT at my desk and I cannot recall the last time I ate dinner at my desk. It’s so important to take time to enjoy the nourishment going into your bod! We have one life to life, let’s stop rushing through it. Great post Jenny and thanks for the awesome book review. Now if we could only get Jeremy to follow along as well. LOL xooxox

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