March to your Own Customer Service Beat

How can a company leave a lasting impression? Is it the formal computer voice you hear when calling into a support center? Is it the way you’re blind transferred from one representative to another? Probably not.

What leaves a lasting impression is something different, something unique. Something fun! Who doesn’t like FUN?

Zappos (@zappos_service) has it down. They even have “Create Fun and a Little Weirdness” in their Family Core Values.

Encouraging your customer service team to be their funky, silly selves at work not only creates a lasting (fun) impression on your customers but also grows a culture full of personality and excitement where people want to come to work.

A customer service team that gets the job done right while also having a good time doing it sets your business apart from others doing the exact opposite.

So, what can your customer service team do differently today?

If you need some tips, watch this Zappos music video by giving this link nice a clickity click!

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