Monday Motivation: Beating Negativity

negativityLast week I challenged myself and anyone that read my post to embark on an exercise in positivity.  After a week of journaling about the things I’m grateful for, I’m finding it to be more of a battle against negativity.  In the interest in throwing out some fake statistics, it’s ten times easier to be negative than positive.

As I’ve sat down every evening for the last week to write down three things I’m grateful for, one positive experience, and one random act of kindness, I end up sifting through the negativity and blah to find that which I’m grateful for.  Whether it’s drama on the news, in the office, or at home, negativity seems to stand out much more prominently than the positive.

This is a three week challenge and it’s all about the process of building the habit of positive thinking into my every day life.  The act of reflecting on the past week give us the opportunity to improve and approach it anew for the next week.  Here’s my challenge for the next week in the journey toward positivity:

  1. Begin the day with positivity- Rather than ending my day with positivity, I’m going to lead with it.  I can think of three things I’m grateful for to start the day and that will hopefully help me see the rest of the day through a lens of gratefulness.
  2. Carve out time- I’m pretty good at the exercise component of this but the prayer and meditation part, not so much.  This week, I’m going to set a time on my calendar with a reminder to do that.  It will be something I know I must do that day.
  3. Be intentional about kindness- The random acts of kindness may be the biggest challenge.  I am a terrible gift giver.  I sent a few encouraging texts and emails but want to step it up a bit this week.

That’s where I’m at after one week.  Are you joining me in the challenge?  Where did you excel last week? Where do you need to improve?  Regardless, I am grateful that you took the moment to read this post!  Alright, now to think of two more things I’m grateful for.


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  • Jenny Dempsey

    I wonder why it is that we find negativity so much easier than positivity.

    I am failing in my challenge…started off so well Tweeting about what I’m grateful for then it just dwindled. I also become saturated in the negativity and the positivity, while it’s definitely still present, is muted because they day is busy or whatever. I allow this to happen though. Maybe that’s what it comes down to–simply choosing!

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