Monday Motivation: Infectious Customer Service

kcs_91b02f1eDo you customer service folks ever catch yourselves asking questions like “why in the world do I talk to customer after customer, day after day?” or “what in the world is the meaning of all of this?”  Heck, I’m in management and I ask those questions often.

In many ways, that is the quest of this blog.  We want to be AWESOME but that word can quickly become cliche if we’re not careful.  I often find myself gaining new and deeper understanding of awesome when we receive unique feedback from customers.  Check out this feedback we recently received:

Derrick was very helpful and polite. I used his services twice today. I only wish he worked at my bank, my cable company and could handle all my communications with my ex-wife. haha.

If only right?  If only the most awesome customer service representative you ever spoke with could handle all of your customer service needs for all companies you do business with.  Of course that’s not possible but there are two things we can do:

1. Do business with companies with awesome customer service- As customers, we have a lot of power to influence companies to offer awesome customer service.  Wherever possible, choose to do business with companies that have awesome customer service and that will challenge the companies who aren’t awesome to step up their game.

2. Awesome customer service is infectious- By modeling awesome customer service day in and day out, you have a positive affect on each customer you interact with.  At, if our entire team embraces this, we all of a sudden become a model of customer service that other customer service professionals and companies seek to emulate.

Call me crazy, but I believe that by modeling awesome customer service, we truly do make a difference.  If that isn’t enough to sustain you from day to day and call to call, I don’t know what will.


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  • Great customer service blooms within an entire company to create a A+++ culture. It’s all about how we feel about our customers. Similarly, poor customer service spreads like a virus, taking all the positive out of a company and creating an ugly culture. Great post Jeremy….as always.

    I encourage anyone reading this blog to send in positive comment cards or emails to management. Let them know they are doing something right. Equally, send in those negative comment cards and emails if customer service is missing the mark. I think companies want to do a better job. It’s up to us to help create a great experience for future customers.

    • Jeremy Watkin

      That’s a great third point, Doug. How will companies know they need to improve and/or they are on the right track unless we tell them? We should definitely tell them and give them the opportunity to improve before voting with our feet wherever possible.

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