Monday Motivation: Run To, Not From

Photo Credit: Chasing 42

Photo Credit: Chasing 42

The winds have changed.  We have moved into autumn and that marks the beginning of my latest marathon training plan.  In January 2015, I will vie to complete my sixth marathon.  If you had talked to me about marathons seven years ago I would have laughed in your face and yet, here we are.  Embarking on a 16-week marathon training plan is just enough to get me thinking about goals and motivation.

You may ask the question, “What possesses you to run 26.2 miles?”  I would love to state that I’m running toward noble goals like a healthier lifestyle, healthier relationships, finishing strong, or a number of other positive reasons.  Deep in my heart of hearts however, you might find that I’m running away from difficult relationships, a painful childhood, past failures and guilt, or being physically unhealthy.

Actually, on any given day, I might be a blend of the two.  If my motivation is to run away from negative experiences and relationships, it means I’m likely running out of fear and anxiety.  It most certainly means that I’m running aimlessly.  Take a moment to apply that to life.  Is that any way to live?

Instead of running away from the past, I choose to run toward the future.  I will run toward a healthier life and definitely healthier relationships.  I have found that when I embrace this mindset, all of those difficult relationships don’t seem so difficult.  I begin to find ways to make those better.  I find that I am better equipped to work through many of the difficult experiences of life all while aiming toward a greater goal.

How might you begin to run toward goals in your life rather than running away from the hurt of your past?


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