A Fuss Free Moving Experience

moving-clip-art-RTAk5jETLMoving is stressful.

It being my 16th move in 16 years doesn’t make it any easier.

This time around, movers were hired through Priority Moving of San Diego.

On moving day, the crew arrived right on time and with smiles on their faces. They applauded the stellar packing job my boyfriend (also a serial mover) and I did.

With friendly attitudes and a professional demeanor, the guys, Josh and Steve, took good care of our items as they packed it into the truck.

Hiring movers is a new experience for me though, as I am quite used to taking care of it myself. This time, I sat on the kitchen counter, talking to the guys as they walked in and out, carrying boxes and furniture, drinking Starbucks.

When we arrived at the new apartment complex, they parked on the street next to our building. It was in front of two garages from other units.

An older woman approaches from her unit, yelling,

“This is illegal, you cannot block my garage! You must move right now.” 

I instantly think to myself, “Oh great, gotta love meeting the new cranky neighbor!”

Josh, the moving manager, says to her, “Oh we’re waiting for a locksmith. We locked our keys in the truck!”

The woman begins to look even more furious.

Josh laughs and says, “Oh, just kidding, ma’am, we’ll be moving our truck for you right away!”

She nods and looks relieved. He hops in the truck and leans out the window toward her at her open garage, “I used to have one of the same cars that you do–great gas mileage!”

She smiles and nods again.

Josh hops in the truck and moves it away from her garage. As he’s about to park the truck in a different spot, the lady is in her car and rolls up next to him on the driver side.

They are speaking together and eventually, she’s laughing and smiling. She waves as she drives away.

While this situation was quite the fuss, Josh handled it with humor and kindness.

I was impressed by this small act of taking a chance with a situation that resulted out of frustration and turning it into something positive.

She wasn’t even the customer, he didn’t have to be nice to her but he was.

A little kindness…and joking…can go a long way!


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