No Excuses!


Yesterday, I worked with a customer whose device order was not delivered on time.

His first words to me were: “You’re not going to like speaking with me today.

I told him, “Actually, I am honored to speak with you today. I’m here to help you and fix this situation.

He proceeded in explaining his frustrating situation. The fault was entirely ours.

There are absolutely no excuses for this.

I replied:

You’re right–there are not.

While no one is perfect, owning up to mistakes is key, even if you were not the one to cause it. We’re a company and we’re all in this together so I’d like to implement a new customer service method:

No cuts, no buts, no coconuts

Here I go, break-break -breakin’ it down:

No Cuts: There are no shortcuts to great customer service. You must dive in headfirst and go all the way. If you can’t make something happen, find a resource that can. And know that you can!

No Buts: The only “but” in customer service should be the one you’re sitting on! Really, when you use the word “but” you’re honing in an exception. While sometimes exceptions to the rule seem to be the solution, will it really fix it long term for your customer?

No Coconuts: Please just save them for the pina coladas that you will hopefully be drinking by the pool this weekend!

How can you implement the “No¬† buts, no cuts, no coconuts” method into your support today?


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