No “Thank You” Needed

I love when customers throw twists and turns into my day.

This recent example is a customer asking me to NOT thank them for taking the time to send feedback.


Here’s what I began my email with:

“I received your feedback regarding your experience with our customer service team and I’d like to thank you for taking the time to let us know how we are doing.”

Pretty basic, right? I dive into more specifics in the actual email, too.

His reply to me was:

“No need to thank me…I feel thanked every day when my phone service works without failure.”

It may sound silly but my mind was blown. You don’t want to be thanked?

A working service=thank you from your customer

This doesn’t mean we need to stop saying “thank you” to our customers for their feedback and their business, however, it does mean we need to realize that customers are so thankful for what they have that is working. Customers put trust and appreciation into the sole fact that what they are paying for provides them a service.

Know that your customers appreciate your working product and even if it’s not needed, give them a big thank you any way!


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  • Jeremy Watkin

    Great post today Jenny! I agree that there are customers that would be happier if there was never an issue with their service. The more we get that part right the better!

  • I’m not sure they expected you to take that so literally.

    It’s an expression I’d certainly use to describe that I have left feedback only as a result of being satisfied by the service I have received; I have left feedback as a token of gratitude towards your service myself?

    The same way I don’t expect someone to thank me for thanking them for holding the door open for me…

    However, if they were to thank me for saying thank you then I wouldn’t mind.

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