Listen To What Your Customers Are Not Saying

It’s not so much what you as the customer can do but rather what the company can do for you, without even asking.

Or, expecting.

beermenuOut to dinner at a brewery restaurant the other evening, sipping a rich, creamy porter, my friend and I were discussing the brewing process. The creation of beer is pretty fascinating and I have home brewed several delicious concoctions in my day.

The table place mats at the restaurant display their own brewing process with pictures. My friend and I were reading through each step, pointing to the pictures and comparing to what we have with our own little home brew set.

The waitress approaches us and we both look up, slightly confused, since she had just been at our table not too long before.

“Would you like a tour of the brewery?”

My friend and I look at each other, thrown off as we both were not aware that brewery restaurants even let their patrons into the back area to brew them. In fact, some brewery restaurants do not even brew the beer at the location itself so we were surprised to see that this was the case here.

However, it was after 9pm on a busy Saturday evening. Was it even open?


“Yeah really! Let me go get our brewer to give you a tour!”

imagesWe wait briefly for the employee and are greeted with handshakes and smiles. Then, we are taken on a behind the scenes tour of how they brew the beer at their restaurant, see where they store their grains and other ingredients, how they pump it to from kegs throughout the restaurant and so much more.

We didn’t even ask for this awesome opportunity nor did we even know it was an option. This waitress and her keen sense of creativity and awareness of her customers allowed us to have a unique experience. She paid attention to what we were not saying TO her and she got it absolutely right on target. Now, I will always hold this place high in my mind and want to return to it in the future.

Words of wisdom

Pay attention to what your customers are NOT directly saying to you. It could make the experience with your company that much more awesome.


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