Observing a Culture of Excellent Service

There’s no better time to blog than when the San Diego Chargers are blowing a 24 point half time lead.  Enough said on that topic.  Take a moment and think about a company that you know for a fact has built a culture of excellent service.  The company I have in mind is Staples.  Here is the blueprint I have come to know and love every time I enter their store:

Step 1: Enter the store.  Immediately hear “Welcome to Staples” typically from the cashier.  In this case, it’s extra friendly.

Step 2: As I walk to what I’m looking for, without fail an employee will ask “Can I help you find anything.” I’m almost embarrassed to say that I often avoid them so I can just find it on my own.  I’m a guy, shopping is stressful.

Step 3: An employee sees that I have several items in my hand and offers me a basket.  Of course I said no again but was grateful for the offer.

Step 4: As I’m walking toward the cashier, an employee asks if I need help finding anything.

Step 5: Finally at the cashier, I am greeted with a smile and the cashier asks if I found everything I needed, helps me check out and of course, thanks me for shopping at Staples.

Step 6: I leave the store and without fail think to myself, I wonder if one of their employees, especially the cashier would be interested in working for our company.

I’ve been to this store many, many times so it’s absolutely not a fluke.  Anyway, I’m interested to hear if other establishments that are this reliably committed to excellence.  I will tell you, the only reason I ever frequent a different office supply store is if I have no other choice.

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