You Can Focus If You Really Want

imagesOn May 1st, I kicked off my Permission to Focus gig with this goal:

To give myself permission to focus on one task at a time. 


And, now that the month is winding down, I want to share my focus journey with you:

April 28th, 2014: Giving Yourself Permission to Focus

The idea of telling myself that it is OK to focus on one task at a time is completely foreign. While I know it’s the more efficient way to be, it’s extremely challenging to try to break the multitasking habit.

I knew I need to change. And I knew that the biggest hurdle was shifting my core beliefs about what I should focus on during the day at work.


May 16th, 2014: Permission to Focus Take 1

Finally, May 1st breaks dawn and I’m feeling extremely nervous and unprepared. The negative thoughts that “You can’t do this” flood my mind. I just feel flat out stupid for even thinking that I am trying to work on changing these habits. What’s the point? I’ll change for a few days and then go right back into my old ways.

Basically, I have no clue what I am in for and how I am going to do this. But, thanks to the insisting of my boss Jeremy, I continue on the path toward focus. I disable any distracting notifications on my computer, download a helpful note taking program, Evernote and watch an inspiring Marie Forleo video online.


May 15th, 2014: Hocus Pocus! Where’s the Focus?

I’m on a mission to try and figure this out because I seriously want to avoid burnout.

I’m figuring out my goal of this madness and found several helpful tools to guide me toward better focus during the day at work AND outside of the office. I begin by creating a “daily map” (AKA to-do list), stop and check in with myself during high volume, multi-tasking trap times to be aware of what I am working on and limit myself to three tasks and I am able to be more mindful of taking my breaks. Things are slowly rolling along–challenging me, of course, but rolling along all the same.

So now, it’s May 29th, 2014 and where am I with my personal goal?

While I feel like this is an ongoing learning process, with room to consistently improve, I feel that I am slowly starting to accept that I am in control of my focus.

I need to start looking at my anchor tattoo more.

I absolutely can give myself permission to focus if I want to. It’s ultimately up to me!



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  • Hmn … I need to pick your brain on this. I could seriously benefit from a focus challenge! Thanks for the post, Jenny!

  • Sooooooo, what’s the verdict?

    Has your journey to focus more paid off? Or, is it still an ongoing process?

    Inquiring minds want to know! I’m rooting for a successful verdict, but I also know I can count on you to keep it real.

    • Jenny Dempsey


      Thanks for the encouragement!

      Wellllll it’s definitely still an ongoing process…


      it has paid of so much. I definitely classify this mission as SUCCESSFUL!

      And, continue to work hard to ensure that I stay en route with my goals for this.

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