Preventive Customer Care

At the grocery store this morning, I thanked the check out clerk for double bagging my heavier items. I typically have my reusable bags but darn it, I forgot them this morning. So, the double bagging definitely helped to ensure that no glass jars of pickles would end up on the store parking lot ground.

The clerk looked up at me and said,

“Oh, you’re welcome!” (as if it were no big deal)

She continues:

“I’ve just seen so many messes happen. We’re really not supposed to double bag anything. But, it really just makes more sense for the heavy stuff. It’s all about customer satisfaction, really. I’d like to make sure they are taken care of now, with me at the checkout line, than have an accident in the parking lot and have to come back. I’ll prevent it here rather than have to fix later. Just makes sense.”

I admire this train of thought because well, it does. “Preventive Customer Care” ensures that your customer is taken care of and has the tools to ensure they are protected from future calamities.

Preventive Customer Care begins with some of these questions:

  • Does my customer have all the items/services to fit their needs? Can I recommend any further products?
  • Is my customer satisfied with the level of service they received? Do we foresee any “calamities” in their future? What are we doing to prevent and/or prepare them?
  • Does my customer have all of the documentation and resources to answer questions should they have any down the road?
  • Does my customer have a communication channel to reach out to get support if necessary?

So, how are you providing preventive customer care for YOUR customers?


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  • I have always called this empowerment when training our CSRs but I really, really like thinking of this as preventive customer care. This is such a critical quality in a customer care team. As we’re training new customer service staff there are few concepts/skills that are more important than this.

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