Puppies, Guest Requests, and FreshDesk: A Tale of Streamlining Puppy Parties

Who doesn’t love adorable puppies at special events? I’m thrilled to be a volunteer with The Animal Pad’s Puppy Party Program¬†where we bring rescue puppies to birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events for a donation. As much as we adore these furry companions, managing guest requests was initially a bit of a challenge. We embarked on an exciting journey to streamline our processes, and I’m here to share our story, including the mistakes we made and the lessons we learned along the way.

The Initial Hurdles

Our guest requests were pouring in through a Jotform on our website, and they landed in a Gmail account. However, as the requests were forwarded to multiple team members, it quickly became confusing. It was hard to keep track of who replied and ensure effective communication. Mistakes were made, and some guests didn’t receive timely responses. We knew we needed a solution to streamline this process and create a better experience for our guests and our adorable puppies.

Enter FreshDesk

Streamlining and pup-ifying the process, we decided to bring FreshDesk, a customer service platform, into the mix. As a non-profit, we couldn’t afford to purchase an actual software therefore we are grateful for their free plan. The goal was to centralize and automate our guest requests, ensuring seamless communication and efficient management. Here’s how the magic happened:

Integration Galore: With FreshDesk, the Jotform submissions are automatically dropped into the system. No more manual data entry! We also integrated FreshDesk with our Slack channel, allowing us to stay connected and collaborate effortlessly.

Puppy Party Planner Training: To make the most of FreshDesk’s capabilities, I developed a comprehensive training program for our Puppy Party Planner team. They learned the ins and outs of the system, enabling them to provide top-notch service to our guests. Now, we have Puppy Party Leaders dedicated to taking this on and teaching future volunteers. We even added some personalized canned replies, sprinkled with plenty of adorable puppy puns. After all, who can resist a good pun?

Enhanced Visibility and CRM: FreshDesk provides us with full visibility into who was replying to guest requests and when. We also use their CRM tool, allowing us to manage guest information, track requests, and measure our performance.

The Benefits: Puppies Stealing Hearts with Efficiency

By embracing FreshDesk, our Puppy Party Program experienced a significant transformation:

Delighted Guests: Our streamlined process meant faster response times and better communication. Guests receive timely updates and felt more connected to our program, making their puppy party experiences even more memorable.

Efficient Team Collaboration: With FreshDesk and Slack integration, our Puppy Party Planner team collaborates seamlessly. We share information, provide support, and ensure a consistent and delightful experience for our guests.

Data-Driven Decision Making: FreshDesk’s reporting and analytics features allows us to track and measure guest requests. This valuable data helps us identify trends, optimize our processes, and make data-driven decisions for the future.

Our journey from confusion to efficiency with FreshDesk has been nothing short of amazing. Thanks to this customer service platform, we’ve improved our guest experience, enhanced team collaboration, and become even better at throwing unforgettable puppy parties! So, the next time you attend an event in San Diego with our adorable rescue puppies, know that behind the scenes, FreshDesk is ensuring a seamless and paw-sitive experience for everyone involved. Let’s continue to spread joy, one puppy party at a time!

Learn More

The Animal Pad is always looking for volunteers to give their time – remotely or in person (San Diego). Here’s information on how to join our volunteer team.

If you’re in San Diego and want to host a puppy party for your organization, fill out the form here.

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