That Customer

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Sometimes, we just know we are that customer.

That customer who needs a bit more attention than the others. That customer who is frazzled and frustrated more than the others. That customer that needs the extra oomph of support to make it through.

There’s nothing wrong with being that customer but once we’re in that customer’s shoes, we gain an understanding of just how incredibly important that extra attention is.

Danielle Lopez (@jdmaa) knows what it’s like to be that customer in her post When The Circus (My Kids) Enters Your Store. She describes:

A simple ten minute stop and go trip turns into a flurry of dancing and spinning in the aisles and grabbing and touching everything in sight.  Forty minutes later it looks more like a hair pulling, mind draining errand.

Yikes! You can just imagine the employees at the store watching this scene, casting their disapproval. But nope, they smile, assist and in turn, Danielle is a forever customer.

I became that customer recently while traveling for the first time on with my little dog, Miso. I have a new found appreciation for those flying with kids or pets–you have to bring so much stuff, you’re constantly worried about if they are alright or making too much noise and you require so much extra time to be seated.

Frazzled and full of anxiety (more so than my dog, I might add), I approach the Virgin America airline terminal at my gate to ask the representative if I can possibly board a bit earlier to have time to get my dog situated. This was not met with any hesitation whatsoever. Instead, I receive a smile and a cheerful, “Absolutely you can!”

When it came time to board, I couldn’t hear the announcements (so muffled) but the representative I talked with earlier waved over to me, welcoming me on before the main cabin boarding. The stewardesses were extremely friendly and welcoming of the dog on the plane, looking into the mesh bag saying “hello” to my sleepy little pup.

The flights to and from went amazingly well thanks to the friendly people at Virgin America.

I even Tweeted a “thanks” and received a personal reply shortly after:

@jennysuedempsey: #traveling with my little dog Miso is tough work! I am thankful @VirginAmerica is so accomodating! #dogs #lax #virginamerica

@VirginAmerica: @jennysuedempsey Thanks for the shout. Hope you and Miso have a great trip.

Remember it’s OK to be that customer because once you do, it gives the company the opportunity to show how great (or not so great) they are, therefore making that customer into forever customers.


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