Small Bucks, Big Memories In Customer Service

7423137164_18517b1ee8_zWhile diving into reviewing customer feedback today, I stumbled across a situation in which a customer experienced a lot of frustration to pay a small bill with our company. Their comment states, “Not big dollars, but long memories.”

Wow–totally know what they mean by this!

The dollar value of the product does not always equal the lasting effect of the service that you experience.

Think about it–

When was the last time you purchased something really expensive and received bad service? This experience probably stuck with you and really made you angry. You pay a lot, you expect a lot, right?

But what about when you purchased something that cost much less and received bad service? Does this change your attitude of the company?

Probably not.

Expensive products seem to demand better service BUT even if you pay less, you still expect good service.

We often hear, when purchasing cheaper products, “You get what you pay for.” But, if the service totally bites the dust, it will still leave as bad of a taste in our mouth as the more expensive product.

I ended up reaching out to this customer via phone and leaving a message as well as following up with an email to her. We still have a tiny window of opportunity to turn those memories from negative to positive and I’ll take that chance!

Use this post as a general reminder that no matter what your customer is paying for their service, the fee free memories from the customer experience will last longer than what they paid for in the first place. It’s not always about the money!


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