Jenny Hi! First off, I have to say that I really enjoy these conversational blogs with you, Jeremy! With all this reading of ” The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and our discussion yesterday with Angela Martin of “Defining Success Coaching“, I thought it would a great idea to talk about our SMART Goals and brainstorm how we can accomplish them. What do you think?

My goals, while they don’t sound too big, are actually pretty challenging considering time constraints and such while at work. But, no excuses–I have to make these happen. Here are my two work-related goals:

Goal #1: Complete one training module per day

Goal #2: Reach out to one new customer via email or phone per day

I know that I have to block out time for these, which is what I find the most challenging.

What are your goals?

Jeremy Hey Jenny.  Happy Friday!  I totally agree.  I have to say that I’m as inspired as I’ve ever been in my work and it’s a ton of fun.  It’s great to collaborate with great people. Anyway so two work-related goals for me are:

Goal #1: Improve our average customer satisfaction rating to 9/10 or better.

Goal #2: Reach out to one premium customer on the phone per day.

I had set Goal #2 earlier this week so I am already doing that and so far it’s going great.  Anyway, so Angela talked about having little goals as part of a bigger goal.  These already seem like little daily goals.  Would you say these are part of a bigger overall goal?  These are certainly amazing habits to develop.

Jenny You’re right–there must be part of a bigger overall goal. I am not sure what that is but I’m leaning toward the idea of it relating toward making customers happy. The training part will give our agents the knowledge to help customers in one call/email/chat, which makes the customer and our agents happy. The new customer follow up shows we care and in turn, makes customers happy. So, maybe my bigger goal is just that I want customers and agents to be happy! Happiness everywhere! **dances around** What about your bigger goal? Have you found that you have to block out time for your goals?

Jeremy Epiphany alert! What if we’re working toward the same shared big goal?  There’s no better measure of how we’re doing as a customer service team than customer satisfaction and so much of this is about the customer experience.  So if I would talk talk about some of my little goals under attaining a 9/10 on customer satisfaction I would say:

  • More robust, ongoing and complete customer service training.
  • Regular proactive customer service (calling our customers regularly for certain issues)
  • A fully integrated CRM tool.
  • Improved support service levels
  • Friendlier IVR and queuing system
  • Constantly monitoring trends as to why people are calling and seeking ways to improve those functions.
  • Constant quality assurance.
  • Building a culture of people that love service customers.
There are a lot of reasons this is beneficial but these are the things I want to attack.  Maybe those are bigger goals part of even a bigger vision.  Is there anything you would add to this list?

 Jenny Hmm, you summed that up pretty well! Team building and other fun work related events would be my only addition but I think this goes under building culture. Honestly, it feels like we’re on the right path. So exciting!

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