Spinning Connections Into Lifelong Relationships

niceguy30In the mobile DJ business, dominated with talent that has hip names like Ice, Spots, and Skribble, how does a guy with a simple name like DJ Doug make a hit? Add one more factor, with the business loaded down by GQ guys with swagger,  in their twenties, how does a nerdy forty-something manage to stay on top?

I am the antithesis of what “should” work in the DJ business. So why is it that over the last 25 plus years I have managed to stay alive and thrive in the entertainment industry? Let me add this question to the mix as well. Why is it that I’ve had clients spend as much as twice as much to hire me, change their event date or move their venue to be more accommodating for my schedule?

I am here to share my secret ace in the hole with you. This is easy system that you will be able to duplicate, add to your daily mix of goals, and carry out without emptying your bank account studying a new and improved training system.

Why am I willing to tip my hand and share my competitive edge? Aren’t I afraid this could level the playing field if read by my competition? I have no fear. The answer is quite simple. First, I think it’s the right thing to do. Second, there is an expression – If success were water, you could throw it on some people and they wouldn’t get wet.

I’m in an industry filled with people that won’t get wet. And so are you. I am figuratively screaming at the top of my lungs “Get wet with me people, come on!” I rarely have takers that come swimming with me. And your industry is no different. Whether you sell insurance, work in a veterinary office, handle calls in a call center or work as a contractor, your industry has people not willing to do what is necessary to improve service. So here’s the secret to getting a competitive edge, increasing customer satisfaction and making people happy…ready?

First, I return all my phone calls. Second, I tell the truth. Third, I’m a nice guy. Big secret right? Nope. But let’s add one more all important ingredient to the mix. It’s the magic ingredient. Timing. Like an “evening at the improv” comedian, you need to have precision timing and the skill to know when to use these three important factors. What is most interesting is that the answer to when to use these factors is even more obvious than the factors themselves. Use them ALL THE TIME.

You must return every phone call. You must always tell the truth. You must always be a nice guy. This stuff won’t work if you only return half your calls. Nope, won’t work. As you have heard before, probably a million times, honesty is the best policy. So, the whole truth thing is probably a great idea. And why should you be a nice guy? Do I really need to explain that one?   Get with the program. In an industry involving service, nice guys finish first.

I’ve created an entire speaking and consulting business around the concept of nice guys finishing first. And all of my materials are FREE to you (because I’m a Nice Guy). No strings attached. Visit my website at www.DougSandler.com and download my NiceGuy30 (NG30)  program or read my FREE ebook, 5 Biggest Mistakes Made By Sales and Customer Service. The entire NG30 program is outlined for you and if you let me know you are participating in the program, I’ll even send you some swag when you make it to 30 days.

When we are trusted by our clients we become a consultant and our customers don’t feel like they are being sold. They will beat a path to get to you, refer business to your company, and gladly pay for your services, even when you are not the cheapest, youngest or coolest cat in town.  They will fall in love with you and it will be a great relationship.  When you care, your clients can sense that, and they will look to you for guidance, leadership and inspiration because they know you care about them.

I’ve built my DJ business and my speaking and consulting business one relationship at a time, one returned phone call at a time and one truth at  a time. I am a work in progress, but I can promise you beyond a shadow of a doubt that nice guys finish first. Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor!


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  • Jenny Dempsey

    Nice Guy Doug,

    I love your post! And, I want to hear some tunes (maybe you can DJ a future party for us?!).

    My question for you is:

    How do you make sure to get everything done in a timely manner when you have so much on your plate? How do you fit priorities into the mix with your daily tasks?

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