Supporting Your Support Team Starts with YOU Watching this Show

Hi customer service & experience avocabros & sisters!

A little self-care inspiration is comin’ atcha 🙂

Tune into the ripest show on the block –

The AvoCAREdo Show

Okay, funny name, I get it. But I just love avocados!

Someone grab the organic-non-gmo-low-salt-gluten-free tortilla chips STAT!

Subscribe to the AvoCAREdo YouTube Channel to keep up to date on all the smashing new episodes.

Starting in January 2019, you’ll hear from customer service & experience leaders talking about their self-care and wellness kiss-my-Hass WINS & guac bottom STRUGGLES.

To watch a sampler on what to expect, watch this totally guacward episode below:

Did this episode have you yelling, “Bravocado!” or what?

Remember, subscribe here to keep a watch out for future episodes starting in January 2019.

If you want to share your self-care & wellness wins and struggles, I’d LOVE to feature you. Send me an email

It’s going to be avocado this world!

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