Tell me how you address burnout with your customer service team

Telling your boss that you are burnt out seems like it might just be the end of your stable paycheck. Can you actually look your boss in the face and admit that you’ve been unable to keep up with the amount of work on your plate?

You’re told to leave your “emotional baggage” outside the office door. You’re told to save your tears for the car ride home. You’re told the customer comes first, make sure to smile during every interaction, even when you feel the anxiety coursing through your veins.

Discussing burnout at work isn’t always acceptable. A touchy subject that makes HR managers shiver in their boots, mental health is what you talk about outside of work. Or so it goes.

Burnout IS a natural part of being human. Imagine if you didn’t have any indicator to tell you that you’ve reached your limit? Burnout is a natural way for your body to tell you enough is enough AF.

Many companies promote “wellness” initiatives at work to help address burnout. Mindfulness, yoga, fitness challenges, healthy snacks…you name it. It’s becoming a normal (and expected) part of workplace culture. Is it going to bring awareness to the underlying causes of burnout and open up non-judgemental, safe discussions within teams around how work and issues outside of work, can affect your mental health on a daily basis?

I’m doing research to understand the current state of “wellness” and these discussions around burnout in the workplace.

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