The Top 3 Reasons to Power up Your Customer Experience with Webinars

PU LogoThis is an information age. For businesses, the landscape has shifted dramatically. Its not only about what service you can provide when there are 10 other businesses doing the same thing. It’s about the value added information that you provide alongside your product, and that’s the difference.

I started hosting webinars at back in January of this year because I saw a gap in our value added offerings to customers. We had outdated manuals, with minimal streams of communication between our customer base aside from our customer service channel. I felt that we needed something more organic, more forward-thinking. 

I’ve never done a webinar in my life before this time, but people responded, remarkably well in fact. What we assumed people wanted information about turned out to be true, and in turn we learned more about what our customers wanted in the future. I think that webinars are just another channel of communication for a company to operate in, like any other ecosystem that grows from an initial idea. 

From this experience, I think that any company should consider doing webinars to power up their customer experience because:

  • They satisfy a diverse range of learning styles. We all have our preferences for learning.  With webinars, you get audio, video, text, and community interaction all in one sitting. The same cannot be said for a user guide or some other static piece of content.
  • You get instant feedback from your customers. We started implementing surveys at the end of our webinars. We get to know 10 minutes after each presentation what customers thought of the presenter, and what future content they would like to view. Does it get any more efficient than this in terms of feedback?
  • Content can be updated quickly. It’s one thing to tackle the monumental task of re-writing a 50-page manual, and another to update your webinar with a few new bullet points and a fresh presentation. With how fast information and technology changes, this is the perfect channel to delivery timely, relevant content.

Take a look at your company’s value-added offerings. Are you doing all you can to satisfy the rich information needs of your customers? For all you know, that might be a deciding factor between you and a fellow competitor, so start powering up your customer experience!


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