The Wheels on the Bus

bolt-bus1Twice a week, I commute from Philadelphia to New York City for work at the offices. After a year and a half of  this 3 hour commute, I’ve learned quite a bit about public transportation. There are several commuter buses that take people from PA to NY on a daily basis, but the one I’ve personally found the most reliable is Bolt Bus.

Not a day goes by there isn’t traffic in Philly or NYC, but their trained representatives stand at the bus site, with a phone in their hands, tracking where the bus is at any given time. If it’s going to be late, we’re notified while waiting. In most cases, the buses are rarely late (hope I didn’t just jinx myself!). Plus, they always respond quickly if you Tweet or email them.

The representatives who load you on the bus and the bus drivers themselves are friendly, even with cranky, demanding bus passengers (and there have been quite a few).

As a frequent traveler, they recognize me now and always say hello when I hop on the bus.

Just yesterday afternoon, about 10 minutes after being dropped off in Philly, the bus driver drove past me at the city bus stop I take to get home. She smiled and waved from the drivers seat, which I thought was funny because everyone at the bus stop looked at me confused as I was waving and smiling back.

But how cool is that to be personally recognized by the company you spend 12 hours a week with?

Overall, my goal with this short post is to express how important it is to recognize your valued customers with a smile and a wave every so often. It’s pretty amazing how big of an impact that can be on a person!


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