Thirsty For Some #CustServ Inspiration? Here You Go!

4483951306_55f6fe43b0_z Customer service is no easy gig. Whether you’re a representative, supervisor, manager or director. Whether you work for a multi-million dollar corporation, a start up or a mom and pop shop, things are going to break. And, things will be confusing to your customers. Your company and the customers are going to need someone there to help educate and restore.

This is where YOU come in.

  • You’re going to need lots of patience, empathy, kindness (even when you don’t want to be) and creativity.
  • You’re going to need to be able to think outside the box and to be ready on your toes to jump from issue to issue.
  • You’re going to make a variety of mistakes and not know the right answers to all the questions.
  • You’re going to deal with policy change and people you really enjoy working with leaving to other opportunities.
  • You’re going to learn new things every day from customer experiences that will blow your mind. Or, make you fear the sake humanity (just kidding…but sometimes it does feel that way!)
  • You’re going to be showered with compliments for helping resolve an issue and you’re going to have screams slung at you for not being able to solve an issue quick enough.

How’s that for a Monday?

Plus, you have to remember that customer service isn’t anything with the rest of the company–those who develop, program and engineer, network and monitor the system, keep track of the finances and market the next product launch.

While there may feel like a great divide from you, answering customer service calls at your desk to the network system administrator or the COO , we must remember:

We’re all in this together. 

We must all work together to stay afloat, even during the worst of storms.

When you arrive at work, no matter who you are in the company, with a mindset of working together with everyone, even those behind the scenes, it creates a team building culture. And, that team building culture creates a strong foundation to build a stronger company. Sure, you will struggle–no one said it would be easy–but you’ll do it. Even if something that usually takes you a week to do takes you a month. You’ll do it. And you’ll do it together.


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