Tis The Season For Internal Customer Appreciation & Gratitude

The stockings were hung on the office wall with care,

In hopes that words of gratitude and appreciation would soon be there!


It’s holiday time, if you didn’t know! And, many of us in our offices are decorating and preparing White Elephant or Secret Santa gifts.

In the Phone.com office, we’re adding another element to the gift giving and taking it up a notch to sharing words of gratitude and appreciation with one another.

We’ve hung stockings for each employee on the wall and throughout the next couple weeks, we’ll fill them with thank yous, you’re awesomes and appreciations for one another. The gift of working with such a great team is one to be recognized!

Here’s how our stocking wall looks right now, just completed today:









Now, it’s time to fill with kindness and spread the genuine sweetness of this season.

What are YOU doing to encourage appreciation and gratitude to your internal customers this holiday season?


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