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Have you ever played the game “Truth or Dare?”  Well Jenny and I put a twist on it yesterday and I think it’s a fun way to get to know us better and understand our philosophy of customer service.  If you haven’t seen it, there’s this cool new site call VSnap that lets you send one minute long video messages to someone.  So here’s our twitter conversation and you can watch our VSnaps back and forth.  You might also want to follow @vsnap on Twitter.  They are awesome!


Jenny Dempsey ‏@jennysuedempsey Truth or Dare: @combetterblog style! @jtwatkin starts us off. Here’s your question!


 Jeremy Watkin ‏@jtwatkin  @jennysuedempsey @combetterblog Alright, that was easy. You’re not going to be so lucky with my first question: 


Jenny Dempsey ‏@jennysuedempsey @jtwatkin @combetterblog Fine fine, I’ll bring it up a notch! Here’s my answer and YOUR question! 


Jeremy Watkin ‏@jtwatkin @jennysuedempsey @combetterblog Well played! Keep the rum balls away but DO answer my next question. 


Jenny Dempsey ‏@jennysuedempsey @jtwatkin @combetterblog Note taken on the rum balls! Here’s the next video: 


Jeremy Watkin ‏@jtwatkin  @jennysuedempsey @combetterblog Burping in the workplace is a big no no Jenny! See if you can handle this. 


Jenny Dempsey ‏@jennysuedempsey @jtwatkin @combetterblog thanks for your patience with my reply! Here you go: 



Jenny Dempsey ‏@jennysuedempsey Ownership is key! @jtwatkin @combetterblog Here’s my response to making a customer’s day 


 Jeremy Watkin ‏@jtwatkin @combetterblog @jennysuedempsey You’re so good at that personal emotional connection. Check out my answer! 


Jenny Dempsey ‏@jennysuedempsey @jtwatkin @combetterblog This has been a really fun way to talk about everything #custserv, Jeremy!



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