Twitter=Access To Thought Leaders

Thought-LeadershipThere are three types of people in this world–those who understand Twitter, those who think they understand Twitter, and those who simply don’t.  In my early days on Twitter, I tried to use it in the exact same way I use Facebook for purposes like tweeting with my friends.  That was fun until I realized that only about thirty of my friends are even on Twitter.

I think I’m still in the camp of those who think they understand Twitter but I’m moving closer and closer to the light with each passing day.  In recent years, I’ve met some pretty fantastic people as I’ve come to realize that many authors and thought leaders are quite active and approachable on the site.  To name a few, I’ve had amazing interactions with customer service thought leaders like Shep Hyken, author of numerous books, Jeff Toister, author of Service Failure, and Marilyn Suttle and Lori Jo Vest, authors of Who’s Your Gladys.

A bit star struck at first, it’s so powerful to realize the ability to connect with these thought leaders and realize that they are on a journey of learning and improvement in their field.  I am grateful that these folks are human and eager to interact and share with others.

More recently, I tweeted at a couple authors and was thrilled to get a response.  Les McKeown, author of a powerful little book on leadership called Do Lead has been extremely responsive.

On a more personal note, after recently saying goodbye to my 14-year-old chocolate lab, I listened to Marley and Me and thanked author John Grogan on Twitter.  I was so excited to get a response from him.

Is your favorite author or artist on Twitter?  Take a moment to reach out to them with comments or questions.  You may just find that they are much more approachable than you think.


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