WANTED: Advice For New Small Business Owner

10177519_654613861297149_3358369021513156580_nMy sister, Jackie Dempsey, is a diesel mechanic. She is one tough lady, motivated, determined and consistently covered in grease and oil. She has a “take no crap” attitude that has helped her succeed as one of the only women mechanics in her company.

Underneath her rough exterior, she’s full of mush with a giant heart (she’s probably going to punch me for writing that).

And, with competition and command as two of her top five Strengths, when she approached me saying she’s going to start her own business, it was no surprise.

However, the business isn’t one you’d expect. No, she didn’t open her own mechanic garage.

She started a home cleaning business.


High Horse Power Home Cleaning was born and dirt started to run in fear. If you’ve met my sister, you’d understand why (again, I may get punched for this).

In between her full time job of repairing engines on semi trucks and buses, she developed a business plan. She got a license and insurance. She set goals. She set up a payment processing system. She had a website built. She started networking at local events. She hired employees.

But, she struggles–how to keep afloat while still having a full time job. How to train her employees. What new things she needs to learn. How to deal with unique customer situations (which I happily give her advice). How to still have a social life outside of running a business. How to handle payments properly. How to be the best leader. How to stay motivated when challenges pile up. How to manage time properly. So many things that she is encountering that I may not even be covering here.

Therefore, because I am a proud sister and want to see her succeed, to help Jackie learn from the best, I ask those of you reading this who have hand crafted your own small businesses and have many lessons to share, to please give your advice on starting a new business from the ground up and how to ensure its success in the comments of this post or by contacting Jackie directly:

High Horsepower Home Cleaning Facebook

Email: service@highhorsepowerhomecleaning.com


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