What Keeps Your Employees Ticking?

dali-clock-500x500As I move forward in my leadership journey, I continuously wonder how to keep motivation high for the team.

We all know that working in customer service can take a toll if you let it. And, it’s mostly up to your leaders to find ways to keep the smile on your face and the inspiration in your soul. (I say mostly because it is also is each person’s choice to feel this way).

Everyone is motivated by different factors, which can make it quite a challenge to keep the enthusiasm flowing.

When I worked at Starbucks, the Moves of Uncommon Greatness (M.U.G.) Awards were a motivating peer recognition program. Given to you by your peers, these small coffee mug pins each had a story of greatness behind them. I know I wore them on my apron with pride! I value that recognition greatly. But, this may not have the same affect on another person as it does on me. So, how do you make everyone happy?

Money obviously is a huge reward mover and shaker in the working world. Bonuses and gift cards can get most people rearing to do more. However, it’s not always about theĀ  Benjamins.

Acknowledgement of a job well done has amazing power when done correctly. It not only shows you recognize them for doing awesome but you are encouraging their contribution to the bigger picture with the company.

In my research, I’m finding that most say it is flat out the best to simply ask the employee what motivates them. But, is this really the right way to go?

For some, it might just be that money. For others, it could be positive recognition in front of their peers. It could be free lunch for someone else. Extra vacation hours for another. Or, that one person who just wants to be left alone entirely.

So, I toss this post like a hook into the customer service waters, asking for you to bite with your advice.

How do you determine the best incentive program to help keep motivation alive in your office for everyone?

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