What Would You Do If You Could Not Fail?

Australia_CliffDiver What would you do if you could not fail?

What an important question to ask ourselves to help find just how many limited beliefs we have in our lives! I know that I personally need to ask myself this more often to give myself more freedom to step out of my comfort zone.

And, what if we put a customer service spin on it and ask ourselves,

What would you do if you could not fail with your customer?

WOW! Imagine the lengths we’d go to if we knew we couldn’t fail. If we knew we were not limited in any way, shape or form.

What would you do differently? I might:

1. Spend even more time trying to resolve a problem.

2. Reach out to more resources, even if it means possibly bothering someone, to get an answer.

3. Expanding my minds and exploring every option available to fix the issue.

Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean your customer will be delighted if it takes more time to solve a problem, but simply going into an interaction knowing that you cannot fail and taking every opportunity to resolve their issue is what awesome customer service is made of. For this, your customer will be thankful.

And, imagine how empowered your team will feel if you teach them to believe they cannot fail! They will not get in any trouble for reaching as far as they can, going above and beyond, up to the moon, for customers. That they don’t have to memorize every detail about the business but rather, know exactly how to get the information they DO need, when they need it. Some might think this would cause more expenses for a business, financially and time wise. And maybe, in some cases it will. In the long run, these are the customers that will become forever fans, ultimately paying YOUR salary from their one account.

So, join me in this challenge of “No Fail Customer Service” and break past the limitations! I’d love to hear how this inspires you–if at all.


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