3 Steps To Meaningful And Lasting Connections

GetImageI’ve written about my favorite Greek restaurant, Victor’s Kafe in the past.  Today I want to spend a little time talking about Tyler and what makes him a customer service super star.  Tyler consistently follows three simple steps.

Step 1- Recognize The Regulars

There’s a group of us at our office that call in orders to Victor’s.  Without fail, Tyler recognizes our caller ID and calls us by name.  What a great, proactive way to immediately get on the customer’s good side.  He’s even gone so far as to say “Hey Jeremy, we’re super busy but I saw your caller ID and didn’t want to make you wait.”

Step 2- Remember Their Preference

After calling me by my first name, Tyler immediately asks, “So are you going with the gyro or falafel salad today?”  Do you have any stores you frequent regularly where the staff never seems to recognize you, let alone remember your usual order?  The great ones not only recognize the regulars but learn your preferences.

Step 3- Have A Conversation

When I arrive at the restaurant, I can always count on a friendly conversation with Tyler.  It’s not like we have a deep heart to heart, but it’s friendly.  Sure, customer service is about solving problems, but there’s always room to have a friendly dialog before getting down to business.

This is nothing new but Tyler is yet another example of a customer service star who understands the importance of making meaningful and lasting connections with customers.  Building a connection with your customers strengthens their connection to your brand.  It’s no wonder that I visit Victor’s often and will continue to tell you to do the same.


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