3 Tools to Better See What Your Customers See

This article was originally published on the FCR blog on June 23, 2017. Click here to read the original.

Have you ever interacted with a customer and tried, only using your words, to guide them through an issue? All the while in the back of your mind you’re desperately wishing you could drive to their office or home and point to where to click on the screen. Here are three tools I’ve seen in action recently that allow your agents to see what the customer sees to provide more efficient support. And I should note that this isn’t necessarily new technology but these companies have found ways to make it work better for support teams and customers.


Having the ability to see a customer’s screen and even control their mouse and keyboard was always nice in theory. In reality, getting customers to install an application on their computer was often cumbersome if it worked at all. ScreenMeet has done a great job of building an app that works in the customer’s browser window, eliminating the complicated set up. Their slick integration with Zendesk allows your agents to see what customers are seeing and even control their mouse and keyboard to better support them.


It’s also invaluable to be able to see what the customer saw in the moment when they had a problem. FullStory is perfect for this. When synced up with your support form, a full recording of the customer’s experience on your website can be submitted along with a support ticket so you can see exactly what happened. One of my favorite concepts from the platform is “Rage Clicks.” FullStory logs when customers click the same place multiple times — indicating a potential issue with the site that should be addressed.


A great way to illustrate a point for a customer is to send them a screenshot, animated GIF, or video showing how to accomplish a task. CloudApp is incredible for this very purpose, especially for your text-based interactions (email, chat, SMS, and social media), and it integrates with a variety of tools including Zendesk and Slack. Especially in the case of screenshots, you can accomplish some of this natively on your computer, but CloudApp’s ability to store past work and collaborate with others on the team is incredibly valuable.

These are three fantastic tools to better get on the same page with your customers. If your team uses any of these, we’d love to hear about your tips and tricks. If you have another tool that should be added to this list, by all means, leave us a comment below and we’ll check it out.

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