5 Star Customer Service From Souplantation

For those of you out there with little kids, Souplantation (aka Sweet Tomatoes) is an amazing place to take them for dinner.  Left to their own vices, my kids will alternate bites between raw broccoli, a muffin, salad, mac n cheese, ice cream and soup.  It is a fabulous dining experience that affords my wife, Alicia and I a few peaceful moments to talk about the day.

One thing that always enhances our dining experience is the waiter/server/busboy extraordinaire Charles.  Souplantation is basically a cafeteria so I’m not sure how much of what souplantationCharles does is actually part of his job but he routinely takes our dirty dishes from the table, brings fresh cookies and at least three times, asks if there’s anything he can help us with.  As a family with kids, he is great at engaging our kids in fun conversation and always sensitive to the needs and wishes of the parents.

I don’t think it’s customary to give tips to the workers at Souplantation but Charles provides the kind of service that commands one.  We talked to him a bit at dinner last night and he was kind enough to share his personal motto for serving customers with me and I thought it was fantastic.  He said:

I provide great service to my customers at no extra charge because I realize that poor service can be extremely costly.

Isn’t that great?  Charles absolutely lives by that line.  While Souplantation may not be an example of five star dining, Charles has chosen to provide five star service.  For that very reason, if you ever pay me a visit, I may just take you there so you can experience it for yourself.


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  • Wow, that’s a Tweetable quote from Charles, that’s for sure! He’s definitely on to something amazing with that. I wonder where he learned that and where his great service skills come from?

    On that note, I know where we’re going to lunch when I visit.

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