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I just finished reading the book, QBQ! by John G. Miller and–wow!  It’s a quick read but packs a powerful message.  To give a brief overview, QBQ! stands for Question Behind The Question and Miller defines it as:

A tool that enables individuals to practice personal accountability by making better choices in the moment.

Those moments he refers to tend to be difficult moments where our attitude could fly south for the winter.  

In those busy moments in a contact center environment, our first inclination might be to ask something like “Why are we always understaffed?” or “When are they going to fix that issue that is causing all of these calls?”  In this system of personal accountability, Miller challenges us to make better choices about the way we think.  So instead of asking these questions, we focus on what we can control–ourselves!  A better question to ask would then be, “What can I do to make a difference right now?”  Seems so simple, right?  In theory yes, but putting it into practice is another thing altogether.  

My Tweetables

One of my favorite things to do is to Tweet my way through a book.  I want to take a few moments to share some of my favorite quotes along with a little commentary.

Personal accountability starts with me

Ultimately, the only person I can change is me.  That’s a humbling reality, but imagine the change we can make and the positive atmosphere we can create when everyone takes responsibility for their own actions and thoughts.

Being part of the solution

These two quotes are especially applicable in a customer service environment.  It’s not uncommon to receive a call from a customer who is calling in for the third time and the first two people they spoke with did not resolve the issue.  Rather than bad mouthing or blaming those colleagues, the focus should instead be on taking ownership, solving the problem, and hopefully building a meaningful connection with that customer in the process.

Appreciate our unique strengths

This quote was in the context of appreciating the unique strengths and abilities of the other members of our team.  What good does it do to wish you could be like another person?  We each bring our own strengths to the table.

Take action

I love waiting for the conditions to be just right to push a change through or create a solution to a problem.  This is a great challenge to take initiative and be creative rather than having a list of excuses as to why we never got started.


Who doesn’t love a mind blowing quote about wisdom?  As you can see, QBQ! is chock full of such quotes.  Give it a read and share your favorite takeaways and tweetables from the book.  If you’re one of my colleagues, there’s a good chance your boss has a copy of the book on their shelf and would be happy to lend it to you.  Thanks Damon for lending me your copy!


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  • Great post…truly inspiring AND I love that you can tweet right from your post. I’d love to be able to do that with my posts as well. Thanks Jeremy I will QBQ to my reading list. xo

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