“A CX Moment With Calm” Along With 6 Other Recent Updates

I periodically have a variety of updates and resources that I’ve contributed to that I want to share on this blog. This won’t be a long post but I’ll encourage you to click a few links to read and listen. Let’s dive in.

1. A CX Moment with Calm

The Calm app, a sleep and meditation app, saw a huge jump in downloads in 2020 for obvious reasons. In this conversation with Frances Brittingham, Manager of CX, learn about their approach to people and technology as they’ve rapidly scaled their business. I’m attending and Tweeting throughout the event on #CXMoment and hope to see you there. Click here to join live on Thursday, April 15, or any time on demand.

2. Unwritten Rules of Customer Service

On March 16, I joined the Engati podcast to talk about all things customer service and customer experience. During the conversation, we talked about some recent blog posts I had written. One of my favorite questions was about the unwritten rules of serving B2B customers. My best advice when serving another business is to understand and embrace the responsibility of not only having an impact on that client relationship but also making it easier for them to support and serve their customers. Check out the full interview here.

3. Industry Trend Predictions for 2021

On April 1, I joined my good friend Shai Berger from Fonolo to share my biggest contact center industry trend prediction for 2021. Given that so many contact center employees are working remotely now, I predict that employee experience will be a huge priority. It’s never been more important to make sure our teams are supported and receive the tools and training to be able to do their jobs effectively. Watch the full conversation here and hear from other terrific leaders in the industry.

I shared similar advice in a post for Hiver as they also asked for CX predictions for 2021. 

4. Verbal Transactions Podcast

I just recently had a wonderful conversation with Nancy Munro from Verbal Transactions. Even though we just met, it felt like I was talking with a longtime contact center industry friend. We spoke for 30 minutes about how to spin up a quality program to drive a better customer experience in your organization. We even dared to dream about 100% automation of quality assurance. Tune in to this podcast here.

5. Advice for New Customer Service Leaders

Speaking of friends in the industry, it’s always great to speak with Jeff Toister. In this conversation, I share my journey as a new customer service and experience leader at NumberBarn and share tips on how to learn and lead effectively. Check out this write-up on Jeff’s blog and listen to the full interview.

6. CXBuzz Interview

In this interview with the folks at CXBuzz, I got to toot my own horn a bit. When asked about the biggest lesson I learned in 2020, I talked about how much fun it’s been to host the daily Customer Experience Question of the Day (#CXQOTD) on Twitter and the recognition that we as CX professionals desperately need to connect and collaborate with one another. This daily question has been a wonderful way to do so. Read the full interview here.

7. Taking Care of Customers Who Cancel Their Service

Wow, I didn’t realize how many interviews and conversations I’ve had in the past few months. Last but not least, check out an article I wrote on the NumberBarn blog. It’s about a bit of customer feedback that struck me in a profound way.

A customer commented on what great customer service they received from us as they were canceling their service, and what terrible customer service they received from their new service provider. It’s an important lesson in the importance of taking consistently great care of customers — even when they are canceling and taking their business elsewhere. Click here to read the three reasons I share as to why this is so important.

Bonus Update: Be Intentional Culture Book

And one final update. I’ll talk about this in a future post but I had the privilege of contributing a chapter in a book titled “Be Intentional Culture.” In the chapter, I share a bit about my own journey as a leader and talk about the importance of practicing what we preach. This means that if we want a certain culture in our organizations, we as leaders must model it or it will never happen. You can buy the book on Amazon!

Again, thanks so much for reading and listening!

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