A Nonprofit Perspective on Customer Appreciation

Over the past several Christmases my wife and I have taken up the practice of donating money in someone’s name as a Christmas gift.  A couple organizations in particular set a fantastic example of customer appreciation and I want to highlight those for you.

Plant With Purpose (@PlantWPurpose)– Our donation to this organization was used to plant a garden in Oaxaca, Mexico and educates the farmers on sustainable farming methods.  Plant With Purpose sent us a nice, hand signed thank you note shortly after we donated.


Mr Holland’s Opus Foundation (@HollandsOpusFdn)- Our donation to this foundation helps keep music education alive in schools.  Shortly after donating, we received a phone call from someone at the Mr Holland’s Opus Foundation thanking us for our support.

In both cases, this personal touch of appreciation went a long way toward making us feel that by donating, we were partnering with these organizations to make a difference in our world.  Thank you to these organizations to welcoming us to be a part of that!

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