Advice To Customer Service Leaders: Practice What You Preach

calm2I recently had the privilege of speaking with a frustrated customer who had her PhD in education and it was fascinating to see our service from her perspective.  As we talked, I ended up with a list of five ways we could improve our service and communicated those with our management team.

After the phone call, I sent the customer a thank you note expressing my appreciation for taking time out of her busy day to tell us how we could improve our service.  Customers do not have to do this and it IS extremely valuable.  Here’s the feedback she left in her customer satisfaction survey.

After many frustrating experiences setting up my phone, management has been SUPERIOR in listening and making corrections. Would you believe a thank you note from a supervisor for my suggestions? The company’s procedures for new customers still need work but I am encouraged by ‘bend over backwards attitude of the real live people who quickly respond to customer issues. Color me hopeful.

I don’t show you this to toot my own horn but to tell you that as a leader in customer service, I practice what I preach.  Here are the key points in the process:

  • Listen closely to the customer and find ways to improve your service.
  • Share that valuable information on all levels of your organization.
  • Improve the customer experience based on that feedback.
  • Appreciate that the customer gave their time and feedback rather than just canceling their service.
  • Sent thank you notes to show your appreciation.

Do you like customers and want more of them?  This formula is a great place to start.  Managers and supervisors, do not neglect the responsibility of doing the very things you require of your employees.  Practice what you preach!


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