Awesome Customer Service Is Like A Big Rainbow


I was up at the crack of dawn last Saturday for a modest 22 mile run.  On this particular day, my friend and I chose to run along the San Diego coastline from Mission Bay to La Jolla and back.  Having rained the day before, the skies were gray and the seas were angry.

As the sun rose, a beautiful rainbow appeared over the ocean.  I stopped briefly to snap a picture and a selfie before continuing on the journey.

As we were running, we passed by one fellow who said “Don’t miss the rainbow!”  In that moment I became very aware of all of the people who were gazing at the awesome sight.  This encounter reminded me of two critical aspects of awesome customer service.

Awesome customer service leaves your customers awe-inspired

This sense of wow is an important component of awesome customer service.  When a customer truly makes a meaningful connection with another human being, AKA a customer service representative, and finds a solution to their problem, they are met with a sense of awe.  In some cases, this awe might be caused by the relief of not being given the runaround, or perhaps simply having the stress of an unsolved problem being relieved.

Customers tell others about awesome customer service

Just like the guy making sure we didn’t miss the rainbow, customers who encounter awesome (or not awesome) customer service won’t be able to help but tell others about their experience.  Your customers will spread the awesomeness to all who are willing to listen.

Next time you see a rainbow any some other awesome sight for that matter, don’t forget to stop, be in awe, and then tell someone else about it.  That is exactly the power we’re trying to harness when we talk about awesome customer service.


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