Breaking the Ice Episode #38: Happy Thanksgiving!

In Episode 38 we adjusted our format a bit. A special time of year like Thanksgiving demands it! Tune in as we explore the huge role gratitude plays in our lives and then hear some of the things we’re thankful for this year.

Where does gratitude come into play in your life? How does it help you in your personal and work life? Do you have any tips for staying grateful?

Jenny: Gratitude keeps me grounded. I have a tendency to freak out about little things that happen. I have to force myself to be mindful in the moment (doesn’t always come easy), but taking time to focus on what I’m grateful for – even the tiniest of things, helps me stay connected to the bigger picture.

Jeremy: For me, gratitude is especially important when it feels like the sky is falling. It’s in those moments that I’m reminded of all the ways that I’m incredibly blessed — beyond measure in fact. When I take the time to be grateful, the negative stuff doesn’t quite seem so bad.

What are three things you’re thankful for during this season of gratefulness?

Jeremy: First of all, I’m crazy about my incredible wife and my three boys. Second, even though it’s really rainy right now, I love the trees, lakes, and fresh air here in Oregon. Finally, I’m thankful to have my health and the ability to enjoy my family and all that there is to do here in Oregon.

Jenny: This has been one heck of a year and I am grateful to have the support of so many good people in my life. I’m thankful for my new awesome job with NumberBarn. Ultimately, I’m thankful for taking time this year to listen to my intuition and focus on making necessary life changes toward wellness.

Do you have a special message for the readers of Customer Service Life?

Jenny: I’m SO grateful for our readers. I get so excited when I see a comment on a blog post or a Tweet sent my way. I am also really grateful to continue this blog with Jeremy, as he keeps us moving along. He writes consistent, inspiring posts and works hard on creating Breaking the Ice videos. Teamwork makes the dream work!

Jeremy: It’s been so much fun working on Breaking The Ice this year with Jenny. Even though we’re now a thousand miles apart, the opportunity to continue to collaborate is awesome. Thank you so much to all who have taken the time to watch, read, comment, and subscribe. I’m thankful for you!

What are YOU thankful for? Leave us a comment and let us know.

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