Call Centers Are Irrelevant, But Contact Centers Are Not


I recently had the opportunity to share some of my thoughts on contact centers with my friends over at NextCaller. In the interview I talked about the shift from call centers to contact centers. While the phone is still the predominant support channel, it’s more frequently sharing the stage with text-based channels like email, chat, SMS, and social media.

I also spent some time sharing about the importance of consistently gathering the insights that our front line colleagues are gaining from customers every minute of every day. Those valuable insights can be used to make constant and consistent improvement to the customer experience.

On a separate note, NextCaller is a company with a huge caller ID database. Every time your company receives a call, they can query the caller ID in the NextCaller database and get more information like their address and phone number to populate a record in your CRM. If you consider how much time contact center agents spend asking callers for their information, this is a huge time savings.

Without further ado, click here for the full interview.


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