• Favorite cheese? Hmmm–that’s a tough call! I love ALL cheese (seriously, it’s my favorite food), but I guess I’ll have to go with Gouda.

    Love the ICMI shout out–see you soon, Jeremy! 🙂

    • I have a joke for you, Erica:

      When should you keep an eye on your cheese?

      When it’s up to no Gouda.


      Have fun at ICMI and thanks for your comment!

  • You guys are too cute! Nice discussion though.
    Miss both of you in the office.
    Cheddar Cheese please…

    • Okay, this one is for you, Carmen:

      Why doesn’t cheddar like to party with crackers?

      Someone always cuts the cheese.


      Miss you too! Thanks for watching this and let’s have some cheese, crackers, and adult beverages together soon!

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